Our Story

Welcome! I’m Nikki, the sole owner of Merciful Grace Boutique. I started this little business venture in 2018, and just took off running with it. MGB offers a multitude of custom, handmade items, like custom shirts, custom earrings, custom glitter tumblers, and more! I have had the pleasure of creating and designing specialty items for some amazing customers and I am constantly looking for new and popular items to create just for you! My main goal is having the ability to provide any unique gifts that allows everyone to enjoy them. I am a huge advocate for making shirts that fit ANYONE and love seeing the smiles and joy on a person’s face once that need has been met. If there’s something you want custom made that is not available on the website, please send me an email at mercifulgraceboutique@gmail.com, and we will work together on creating YOUR specialty piece! 

With Love,



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